Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Rwanda, commonly known as the ‘land of a thousand hills’ is located in the East Africa bordered by Uganda in the north, Burundi in the south, Tanzania in the east and DRC. The natives in this country speak Kinyarwanda, French and English as the official languages. Rwanda as a popular tourist destination has so much to offer to one starting with the friendly people, eye catching landscapes to the incredible wildlife in the volcanoes and the rain forests.

The various national parks with different animal and bird species that will leave you overwhelmed as well as the thick vegetation including the tropical rain forests will have to provide a life time experience.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Rwanda.

Gorilla trekking is one of the thrilling adventure activities that rewards one while on their visit to Rwanda, gorilla trekking is done in Volcanoes National Park located in the Northwest of Rwanda and named after the chain of the various volcanoes. Volcanoes national park as one of the top places to track gorillas has got twelve gorilla families that are habituated there. The families include, Susa, Karisimbi, Umubano, Muhoza, Amahoro, Agashya, Kwitonda, Bwenge, Hirwa, Igisha and Ugyenda. Each of the twelve families consist of a silverback which guides the family.

Golden Monkey Trekking Safaris.

Golden monkey trekking is another activity in volcanoes national park. Golden monkeys are said to be having a special rare nature endangered and found at the Virunga mountains in volcanoes national park Rwanda. They can be easily identified from other primates by their golden patches that are spread all over the body.

This activity happens once in a day starting in the morning at 7:00 am after a short briefing. Golden monkeys in this national park have been divided into two groups whereby the biggest located on the slopes of Mount. Sabinyo having about 80-100 monkeys and the second group located in volcanoes national park.

Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe National Park.

Chimpanzee trekking is done in Nyungwe national park. Researchers and tourists that are interested in primates. There are two groups of chimpanzees that are habituated in Nyungwe national park that is Uwinka and Cyamudongo.

Trekking chimpanzees is a bit tiresome because they keep moving and getting them is a bit tiresome, however you will land on them resting or eating. When you land on them, you will have enough time as you watch them do their daily activities like feeding, playing around with their young ones and other behaviors

Explore Kigali City.

Kigali the beautiful capital city of Rwanda, a clean quite comfortable and well-developed city is the number one priority for one to visit.  Kigali is located in the central of Rwanda having two hours ahead of the UTC throughout the year. It is divided into three districts namely Gasabo that occupies almost half of the city, Nyarugenge in the south west and Kicukiro in the Southeast. There is so much to see in Kigali for example people, airport, churches, markets among others.

One can pass by the Kigali genocide memorial center located in the heart of Kigali approximately 10-minute drive. Kigali genocide memorial center acts lie a museum and a place of remembrance of the multiples of people reaching 250,000 that were killed by the Tutsi in the year 1994 in Rwanda. You will be able to find out that over 800,000 people were killed in just a range of about 100 days. This place will get you emotional as you move around to read and see what exactly happened.

Big Five Safaris in Akagera national park

Akagera national park is the only savannah destination located in the eastern part of Rwanda bordering Tanzania. This National Park inhabits different animals like zebras, lions, elephants, among other bird species like the shoebill among others. The big five in Akagera national park are,

Mountain Bisoke Hiking

Mountain Bisoke is one of the volcanoes in the Virunga ranges. It has the height of about 12,1775 ft. and lies between the boarders of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Mountain Bisoke has got two crater lakes at its top. Hiking this particular mountain is a rewarding activity that takes about 6 hours depending on the flexibility of your hiking team.

Prepare to go through thorny plants, slippery trails as well as sting insects that is during rainy season. When you are on top of this mountain you will see greater lakes, beautiful views of the alpine vegetation that is not found anywhere else. 

Mount Karisimbi Hike

This is the eleventh highest mountain in Africa found within the Virunga ranges. It’s a dormant volcano found in the volcanoes national park bordering Rwanda and DRC about 4507 meters. It contains an eye-catching land scape view, dense forest and vegetation that are beautiful to look at. The hike involves walking through the thick wilderness and the muddy trails in the rainy season so tourists are advised to hike between the months of December to march and June to October. It is advised for one to hike in a group since you are able to get the support that you need.

Local tour operators will guide you secure the permits, organize tents and other equipment needed for your hiking activity. It starts with a small briefing at the park headquarters where hikers are taken to the starting point that is at the foot of mountain Bisoke. Moving to the summit takes about seven hours where you are advised to spend a night at the assigned camp. One is supposed to wake up early to carry out a final hike that takes about one hour to the top. Once at the summit, one is able to see the beautiful scenery, Muhabura volcano, Nyamuragira volcano and the great Nyiragongo within the Virunga ranges. Descending back to the starting point, takes about six or more hours.

Lake Kivu Beach

Lake Kivu is one of the best lakes in Rwanda providing the best stunning views. There are no wild animals in Lake Kivu that makes it best for swimming. whether you want a beach with a resort or a hidden beach with a nice solicitude, Lake Kivu beach should be on the list. The beach provides sun beds that are free of charge plus changing rooms.

 Best time to visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking safaris and wildlife tours.

Best time to visit Rwanda is around the dry periods of the month between June to September that provides a better site of the mountain gorillas.

Best time for the chimpanzee trekking is in the rainy seasons that is march to May and in November.

Dry seasons in Rwanda range from the months of June to September which is the best time to visit.