Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania is a country in east Africa located in the southern part of the equator that was formed in the year 1964as the result of Tanganyika and Zanzibar coming together. Dodoma is the capital city of Tanzania whereas Dar es salaam is the largest city. Tanzania is bordered by Uganda and Kenya in the north, Rwanda in the west, the Indian ocean in the east and Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia in the south direction.

Tanzania has got Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro that has 5,859 meters as well as the world second deepest Lake Tanganyika with 1,436 meters deep. Tanzania is home to the famous wildebeest migration that involves movement of animals looking for greener pastures and water in different places.

These animals include the zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, gazelles among others. the crocodiles and the hippos are found in the water bodies that these animals have to cross and fight for their life. Some of the chimpanzees can also be found in Gome National Park having over 1500 different bird species which one would love to see as they visit any of Tanzania’s national parks like the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro among others. below is a list of Tanzania safari tour activities that one is able to do while in the country,

Chimpanzee trekking in Tanzania.

This thrilling activity can be done in one of the outstanding national parks called Mahale mountains national park. This national park is located on the river banks of Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma region in the western Tanzania. This national park harbours nine primates making it a chimpanzee site. This is a rewarding activity that pushes you to the wild searching for the habituated chimpanzees.

Once you get to see them, you are allowed to spend one hour with them giving you a chance to learn more about their way of living and doing daily activities like feeding, hunting, breast feeding among others. You can as well get a chance to see other primates like the monkeys and other 74 mammals not forgetting the eye-catching beautiful bird species.

This activity can also be done in the smallest national park known as Gombe stream found in the western part of the country at the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika. The activity begins with a short briefing that happens at the park headquarters, where you are given a group plus a specific chimpanzee family that you will have to track. Trekking lasts for about 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on where you will find them

Great wildebeest migration

This movement starts in Serengeti national park in Tanzania where the young ones are born. This happens annually involving two million animals through the Serengeti national park. Birthing happens in the months of December to April reaching the plains of Ndutu and Ngorongoro. They stay here towards the end of April until they move again in search for greener pastures.

Between the months of May and July is when one is able to see the many animals move up to 40km long heading to the western part where they cross River Grumeti heading to Masai Mara National Reserve. This movement attracts savanna predators like lions, leopards, hyenas, vultures among other carnivorous.

October and November are where the animals have to cross the river once again to return and find greener pastures and from there, the migration starts again.

Big five safaris

The word big five simply means lions, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo. Seeing all the big five animals is a one life time experience because they are not found everywhere. While in Tanzania, the big five can be seen in Serengeti national park, lake Manyara National Park and in Nyerere national park.

There are other animals that can be spotted while on a safari in Tanzania some of them are; cheetahs, giraffes, antelopes, impalas, birds to mention but a few.

Wildlife Safaris

Tanzania has got a numerous wildlife starting from the big five, primates, monkeys, birds and other tiny species. These animals are found in the national parks like Serengeti which is famous for the wildebeest migration where animals cross from Tanzania to Kenya through the mara river. Lake Manyara National Park is where you will see the tree climbing lions and the huge baobab trees. Other national parks which offer adventurous sites include Mikumi national park, Mahale national park. Katavi national park, Gombe stream national park among others.

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Located approximately 40 km from the Tanzanian coast is Zanzibar Island. Characterised with white sand accompanied by palm trees and turquoise waters with coral reefs with lots of marine life. Zanzibar is an attraction for many tourists because of its good weather and warm tropical waters. The butterflies, monkeys and the turtles that have found home at the island are so eye catching and good to look at.

Enjoy the magnificent sunrises from the east and sunsets from the west. The vegetation creates a trembling similarity to the astonishing rainbows, Zanzibar is not a single island but just a group of islands that consists of unguja, Pemba, mnemba, among others. The scenes of these islands are found in the palm trees.

Hiking Mountain Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa with about 5,895 meters. Mountain Kilimanjaro is one of the seven summits snowcapped dormant volcanoes and is found in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro has seven different hike routes that lead to its highest peak Uhuru, some of them start from the north and others from the south.

The different routes are Lemosho, circuit, Umbwe, Rongai, Shira among others. This process of hiking takes about five to nine days to reach the top and then back to the starting point. The best climbing route is the Lemosho route and the Machame route that takes over 6 to 7 days to reach the summit and descend as well.

Best time to visit Tanzania

The dry season that ranges from July to September is the best time to visit since they are good for safaris, viewing great wildebeest migration and beach holidays that happen in Zanzibar.