Safari summary

Make each day of your Holiday time special. Now that the 10 days are spent in the continent of Africa, choosing the republic of Tanzania is one of the greatest choices made. You will explore the stunning crater; dance with the Masai warriors, chance the sight of the tree climbing lions, eat African cuisines and get the best of the wilderness offers-flora and fauna. This is a road trip to the northern circuit of Tanzania, and the east. You will visit Ngorongoro crater, Manyara national park, Serengeti national park, and the beautiful white sand beach in the Zanzibar archipelago. The safari starts and ends at Arusha, with activities such as game drive, guided nature walk, city tours, swimming, and more.

Detailed Itinerary

Day1: Arrive at Arusha international airport

Upon landing at Arusha international airport, meet our company representative who will be waiting with a ply card inscribed on your lovely names. After an introduction, what follows in a transfer to your lodge where you will arrive, check-in and take a rest from the long Journey? Dinner time will follow as well as a sweet slumber. If you wish, there is also an offer for a night life around the city.

Day2: Depart to Manyara National park

Wakeup very early in the morning for a cup of coffee, and a briefing regarding your 10 days trip in the Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar Island. Following the briefing will be a road trip to Manyara national park, with an enroute stopover for Lunch. You will arrive at you lodge in the evening and then check-in for refreshment, dinner and a nap.

Day3: uncover Manyara

After breakfast, you will spend the next hours traversing Manyara wilderness in search for her residents. Most especially the tree climbing lions. This might require a little luck, yet possible. There are other animals you might encounter in your quest for the king of the Jungle; notably; the leopards, elephants, waterbuck, cheetah, giraffes and more. You will have a picnic lunch, and then call it a day at sunset when you will return to the lodge for dinner and a nap.

Day4: Manyara to Serengeti national park

Brighten your day with a cup of coffee at the lodge. Thereafter, depart the home of the tree climbing lions to the home of the annual wildebeest migration in 5-6 hours. There will be an enroute stopover for lunch, and an afternoon arrival at the lodge for check-in. It will be a free evening at the lodge as you take a rest from the lodge Journey. Dinner and a nap end the day.

Day5: Game drive and culture tour

At daybreak, breakfast will be served, followed by a 3-4 hour game drive in the open savannah grassland where you have the chance of encountering among others the hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants, jackals, warthogs, wildebeest, zebras, gazelles and more, not forgetting the birds, primates and reptiles. After the game drive, you will have a Lunch break, and close the day with a visit of the Masai people. These warriors with entertain you through stories, village walk, and dance. At sunset, return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day6: Transfer to Ngorongoro crater- sunset nature walk

Wakeup very early in the morning for breakfast and then hit the road on a scenic drive to Ngorongoro crater. The Journey is for about 4-5 hours, with an enroute stopover at Olduvia gorge for Lunch and to study man’s history. You will arrive at your lodge in the afternoon hours, refresh, and a sunset guided nature walk at the summit of the beautiful crater. Spend time taking photos and watching the beautiful landscape and animal hideouts. End this day at the lodge with dinner and a nap.

Day7: Game drive and Transfer to Zanzibar Island

Today’s game drive is for 6:00 am, when the nocturnal residents are taking cover and the day grazers starting with the fresh pasture. Take great photos of the beautiful sunrise and keep focus as from any side can you spot the prey and predators. For 3-4 hours you have of spotting the big5 African cats namely the lions, leopards, rhinos, buffaloes and elephants. There are many more that will come your way, inclusive watching the stunning landscape, lush plantations and scattered homesteads.

 After the game drive, you will transfer to the airport for a chattered flight to Zanzibar Island. At the island, our company representative will meet and brief you on the activities at the archipelago and how to handle things. Thereafter, drive to the hotel for check-in, refreshment, dinner and overnight.  

Day8-9: explore Zanzibar beach life

Everybody needs rest, which is why you will spend these two days soaked at the white sand beaches at the shores of the vast Indian Ocean. Some activities you can choose to do include; boat cruises, swimming, snorkeling, dolphin tours and more. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner all come at the right time as planned. You time to win yourself, get motivated and appreciate Mother Nature. At sunset, you will retire to your cozy bed with a sweet slumber.

Day10: stone town tour and departure

After breakfast, check out of the lodge for a tour around a once the worlds renowned slave trade Hub-stone town. The British and Arabs dwelt there, erecting infrastructure, and markets that are now dilapidated yet very beautiful and tourist attractions. With Mosques in also each bend of the street, you will walk to the different tourist attractions while doing shopping and interacting with the local natives. Thereafter, you will Have Lunch and hit the road to the airport for a flight to the mainland Tanzania where you will either call it safari done or fly to some other destination.

End of safari