4 days Rwanda gorillas and golden monkey trek

Safari summary

The 4 days Rwanda gorillas and golden monkey trek takes you to Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park a unique tourist destination. Each visit will offer you a chance to spend an hour with the gorillas or the golden monkeys. There is a lot to encounter while in the forest such as different and unique bird species, waterfalls, butterflies and many more. Also on this primate Safari, take a visit to Iby’iwachu cultural village a centre of Rwandese culture, visit the twin Lakes of Burera and Ruhondo and take a canoe ride on one of the lakes.

Detailed Itinerary

Day1. Leave Kigali and transfer to Volcanoes national park

Be picked from the hotel or airport in Kigali the capital city of Rwanda and you will encounter great scenery as you enjoy different hills and green nature while transferring to Volcanoes national park. This park is home to both rare primates that is the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys. There are other living creatures like bird species, big mammals, butterflies and many more. Arrive and head to the lodge booked for your accommodation.

Day2. Gorilla trekking

Wake up and enjoy breakfast and then a short drive or walk to the park offices where you undergo briefing exercises. This is a very 8mportantan time since different aspects will be conducted such as the guidelines to follow like don’t use the flashlight camera, allocation of park guide and many more. Thereafter, start the search with guidance and a park guide ranger and the help of porters in case you have entire luggage.

Trekking will last for not more than 7 hours and this will include an hour with the gorilla family trekking. This time will be the best since you will witness how these beautiful creatures groom their young ones, the Silverback practice leadership skills like protecting the family and many more. As you trek, expect to meet beautiful things like birds, waterfalls, butterflies and many more.

Return to the lodge for a great time as you share memories while in the forest and have the certificate for trekking the mountain gorillas.

Day3. Golden monkey trekking and visiting Iby’iwachu cultural village

Like the previous day, begin the day with breakfast and then head to the park offices for a briefing which will not be different from the previous one. Only here, during the rules and regulations, use of flashlight cameras is highly emphasized since these primates will tend to come closer.

Begin the search with the help of the park ranger guide and you will encounter different creatures in this beautiful jungle. The golden monkeys will be located in the bamboo forested area and witness them jumping from one tree to another. Some of them have shot tails, this is because they are cut while playing since they are so playful. Spend an hour in their presence taking memorable photos and recording videos. Head back to the lodge for lunch and prepare for an afternoon activity.

Immediately after lunch, head to visit the Iby’iwachu cultural village also known as the gorilla guardian village and center for Rwandese culture. Be entertained through the music dance and drama, storytelling, tasting the traditional meals, and many more others. Later on, head to the lodge for dinner and enjoy your last night.

Day4. Transfer back to Kigali via the twin lakes

Have breakfast in the morning and then head back to Kigali city as you pass via the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo. Take a short canoe ride on one of these lakes and enjoy great photographic moments. Proceed and be dropped at the airport and this marks the end of the safari.