A night at Devine Resort and Spa.

Devine Resort and Spa is located 3.4 kilometers from Uganda’s capital city center Kampala. It offers comfortable accommodation, outdoor swimming pool, private parking, a bar, green garden, airport shuttles and free Wi-Fi. You will drive to Mpatta peninsula at the shores of Lake Victoria; Africa’s largest fresh water lake. It is approximately 5 minutes from Ggaba and 2 hours from the vibrant Mukono Town. You can choose to spend the night in a deluxe room, honeymoon suite, superior suite or the tents.

Check-in at the facility starts from 12:00 midday, until 23:00 hrs, and check-out at 10:00 hrs. You have breakfast served on time, dinner and lunch at the restaurant, as well as a good atmosphere to take a nap.  A night at Devine Resort and spa leaves you rest assured of a peaceful sleep with no Noise except for the morning bird songs that are worth listening to once they sing. After check-in, you can spend the evening engaged in activities such as swimming, boat cruise, or photography. Your stay is worth every minute memory and appreciation.

The nights might be so nice that you don’t feel like throwing off your duvet the next morning. Late check-out is subject to availability, and it is at the discretion of the front desk to offer it to you upon request.