Mountain Climbing in Uganda

Mountain Climbing in Uganda

Uganda is a country composed of different topographies, ranging from hills, valleys, picturesque plains and volcanic mountains which are found in Mgahinga National Park, Mountain Rwenzori, Mountain Moroto, Mountain Elgon, Mountain Morungole and these are the major mountaineering spots in Uganda. There are also other areas to hike like simple hills, escarpments, caves etc. Uganda provides beautiful hiking experiences and it’s truly a hikers’ paradise.

Mountain Rwenzori (5,109 meters)

Mountain Rwenzori is found on the border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo with a length of about 120 kilometers and a width of 60 kilometers. Mountain Rwenzori has the highest peak in Uganda which is Margherita peak on Mountain Stanley standing at a height of 5,109 meters and this peak is among the 3 permanent snowcapped mountains in the world.

Mountain Rwenzori is not a volcanic Mountain like other East Africa’s mountains but it is a block of rocks that were up-faulted through the floor of Western Rift Valley. Hiking to the peak takes about 8 days and 7 nights, the longest trail is Kilembe trail and this challenges most of the hikers, the Central circuit has become the choice of the hikers. Rwenzori mountains has caused more influx of tourists who visit Rwenzori National Park since hikers combine both activities. The Park is a home to over 77 mammals and 177 birdlife including those that are endemic to Albertine rift valley.

Virunga Mountains (Volcanoes)

These are located in the Southwestern part of Uganda on the border of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda has 3 of the 8 Virunga Mountains which are found also in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, these volcanoes are home to the ionic Mountain Gorillas, golden monkeys, birdlife and other wild species.

The 3 volcanoes are;

Mountain Muhabura (4,127 meters)

Mountain Muhabura dwells on the border of Rwanda and Uganda and this is the one that starts the chain of the 8 Virunga Massif. Hiking Mountain Muhabura will take about 5 hours which makes the experience very tough but worth to taste because of the magical views you get while on top. The mountain has a crater on its top which when crossed you will be able to have a clear view of the Virunga ranges.

Mountain Gahinga (3,474 meters)

This is smaller compared to the 3 Virunga ranges situated in Uganda. It is in between Mountain Sabinyo and Mountain Muhabura and it is the easiest to hike to the top. However, it has the largest crater on its summit which is not easy to navigate for clear views.

Mountain Sabinyo (3,645 meters)

Sabinyo is a local dialect meaning “Teeth” and this mountain derives its names from the 3 peaks which looks exactly like old man’s teeth meaning Sabinyo. Hiking to the summit of Sabinyo is the most hectic and challenging of the 3 mountains found in Uganda.

This mountain lies on the border of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. It consists of crater lakes on the summit which when navigated will give you the best view of Virunga ranges.

Mountain Elgon (4,321 meters)

Mountain Elgon is situated in the Eastern side of Uganda bordering Kenya. Its highest peak is Wagagai and is on Uganda’s side. This mountain gives a splendid experience when you hike. The Mountain has surrounding attractions including the wildlife, waterfalls especially the Sipi falls, birds and the culture.

This mountain has the largest caldera in the world which is 50 kilometers long and 80 kilometers by width and hiking to its summit will expose you to the beautiful view of the Northern Uganda and our neighbor which is Kenya.

Mountain Moroto (3,083 meters)

Mountain Moroto derives its name from a local dialect which is “Moru To” meaning the “western mountain”. It was named so because of the local tribes that migrated from Ethiopia and were going to this mountain which appeared in West.

This mountain is located in Moroto district, Karamoja, Northern region of Uganda. Mountain Moroto is one of the volcanic chain of Mountains bordering Uganda and Kenya.

Other mountains in the chain are; Mount Kadam and Mountain Morungole. The peak of this mountain which is Sokodek is one of the fascinating peaks in Uganda not only giving you the heights but also the breathtaking views since most of the Northern Uganda is flat, therefore you will clearly see vast plains. The mountain is also surrounded forests that harbor wildlife, birds and different tree species.

Mountain Morungole (2,749 meters)

Mountain Morungole is found in Kidepo Valley National Park in the Northeastern Uganda in the semi-arid Karamoja province near the border of South Sudan. The mountain being in the National Park gives you extra ordinary experience when you hike to the peak through the wildlife in the park and you meet the IK tribe which stays on this mountain a centuries ago. Hiking this mountain takes about 4 hours and descending as well.