Bungee Jumping in Uganda

Bungee Jumping is a fun filled activity in Jinja in the East of Kampala a capital of Uganda. The adventure is done on River Nile from a platform of raised from 47 meters down to the river waters and this is an activity that will fully employ your adrenaline. Jinja is a local dialect which means a “place of rocks. Bungee jumping in Uganda is the most exciting one in the whole world giving you undying memories.

There are some other types of bungee jumps for example tandem jump, water touch and full moon jump. This bungee jumping in Jinja meets standards of Award-winning 5-star jump crew which is the most experienced in the whole world and it was built by Australians and thus meeting international bungee standards. Before you fly to kiss the Nile, you are first rewarded with magical of the Nile spotting it from above. This activity is done in very few countries for example in South Africa at Bloukrans Bridge, in Kenya it is done at Rapids Camp and in Zimbabwe it is done at Victoria Falls.

However much bungee jumping is done in these countries, it cannot be equated to that in Uganda. Before you fly, they have to first tie your ankles while you face down and the instructor will start counting from 1-3 then he shouts “Bungee” and at this point you will roll in the air for a few seconds, touch the water and make a rebound softly over and over again up to the point where you started from.

Requirements for Bungee Jumping.

For you to take part in this spectacular activity you have to meet the following;

  • One has to be 13 years and above.
  • One must not have any healthy issues for example pressure, diabetes and asthma.
  • Pregnant mothers are not allowed to engage in this adventure.
  • To participate, one has to be weighing at least 35 kilograms and not more than 110 kilograms.

Besides Bungee jumping, Jinja is such an adventurous place that is still virgin with different activities for example white water rafting, boat cruise, tubing, bird watching since the vegetation around the Nile harbors over 150 bird species including the Nile endemics, horseback riding and so many others.

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